A new law recently passed in Michigan which now allows drivers to take an approved online Basic Driver Improvement Course in order to avoid costly points associated with traffic infractions.  We are based in Michigan and are partnered with the American Safety Council to provide you with an authorized source for the certified online training.  Start your training today by clicking on banner below.  michiganbdic.org      

CARDL Training & Testing, LLC.  (989) 596-7790  www.cardl.com

If you complete an approved course within 60-days from receiving your correspondence from the State of Michigan, your insurance company will not be notified of acquired points, thus saving you from costly insurance increases.  In addition, upon successful completion of our online course, your Michigan Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), will not be assessed any points related to your traffic conviction.

For a list of ELIGIBLE Michigan Traffic Violations - Click Here 

The course can be taken immediately upon registration, and the online course can be stopped and started at your convenience.  A Completion Certificate is included upon completion, and your results will be reported automatically to the State of Michigan